Tattoo Tips – How to reduce the pain of getting Tattooed

Regardless of what you hear, there isn’t really a way to know how much pain you are going to be in when you get a tattoo. If you arrive with a positive attitude and feeling strong, it may not be as painful as you expected. But on saying that if you arrived feeling terrified chances are it’s going to be very painful.

When you get tattooed the skin gets pierced and that usually means pain. It doesn’t matter how large or small the tattoo you are getting is you can expect to feel a certain amount of pain. How much pain you will feel overall depends on your level of tolerance. If you are one of these people that have a high level of tolerance to pain you may feel very little.

The needles will puncture your skin at a very fast speed when you are getting tattooed and different depths. It is definitely the outline of the tattoo that hurts the most, as the needles are used to make a black line that will stand out on the tattoo. This part of the tattoo needs to be put in pretty deep and with care to make sure it is done right. Getting shaded when you get your tattoo most of the time doesn’t hurt that much, although it depends on the level of penetration and the look you want.

Most of the time the discomfort you feel is a scratching feeling or a bit of a burn. If the tattoo is going to be on the part of the body where there is not as much bone and tissue such as the wrist or chest the pain will hurt a bit more. Places like the legs and arms most of the time don’t hurt that much. These parts of the body have more muscle and tissue, which will make less the amount of discomfort you feel.

Even though you can expect to feel some pain there are ways you can lessen the pain. Below are a few pointers that will help you deal with the discomfort.

1. Don’t show up to get tattooed drunk or on drugs. This will thin the blood causing more bleeding.

2. Make sure you pick a tattoo artist who makes you feel comfortable. If you believe in your artist you can lessen the discomfort a lot.

3. Get to the studio feeling determined. Be ready to spend as much time as needed there. Work that is high in quality is an art form and
should never be hurried.

4. If the pain becomes to much to take, let your tattoo artist know right away. He will let you take a break or finish and come back at a later time. You can always have the sessions broken up, as tattoos don’t need to be completed right away.

5. To relax your mind put some music on. This way you can think about something else other then you are getting tattooed.

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